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              Longyuan Construction Group has been awarded honors such as "Integrity Unit in Ningbo Tendering and Bidding Field"

              Time : 2023-04-10

              To promote the construction of the credit system in the field of bidding and tendering in Ningbo City, standardize the behavior of bidding parties, enhance the integrity awareness of bidding and tendering units, and promote and promote advanced technology. Recently, the Ningbo Tendering and Bidding Association announced thattwo thousand and twenty-onetwo thousand and twenty-twoLongyuan Construction Group is listed as a trustworthy unit in the bidding and tendering field of Ningbo City for the year. At the same time, the group company has also been awarded the Ningbo Tendering and Bidding Associationtwo thousand and twenty-twoAnnual Enthusiastic Public Welfare Award.

              The selection of honest units in the field of bidding and tendering in Ningbo City is organized every two years. The principle of voluntary declaration is adopted to evaluate outstanding enterprises with good business performance, high social reputation, active performance of regulatory responsibilities in the field of bidding and tendering, and enthusiasm for social public welfare. Units that meet the conditions will be awarded an honorary title by the Ningbo Tendering and Tendering Association and notified.

              In recent years, Longyuan Construction Group has continuously delved into the Ningbo regional market and added bricks and tiles with its own business measures. In the past five years, the group has accumulated a total output value of approximatelyone thousandOne hundred million yuan, with a cumulative tax payment exceedingtwelveRMBten0mn The group has successively constructed the Xiangshan Film and Television College project of Ningbo Dahongying College and the Ningbo Three Roads and One Bridge projectPPPProjects such as the Ningbo Olympic Center Municipal Greening Project for the Rapid Transformation of the East Outer Ring Road. Especially in rail transit projects, the group has gained continuous benefits: Ningbo Rail TransitfourCivil engineering of LineTJfour017Dongqianhu Station in the bid section won the National High Quality Engineering Award and the Zhejiang Province High Quality Engineering Award "Qianjiang Cup", and subsequently won five more Ningbo Rail Transit projects with a total bid amount oftwenty-six point seven sevenRMBten0mn The group has also won two honors multiple times: "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Xiangshan County's Construction Industry" and "Foreign Economic Star Enterprise".two thousand and twenty-twoIn, the group was awarded the honorary title of "Leading Enterprise in Ningbo Construction Industry" again.

              In addition, the group actively participates in social welfare activities and assumes social responsibility, actively donating and donating materials in areas such as caring for students, poverty alleviation, social donations, and epidemic prevention and control.two thousand and sevenSince, the group has been continuouslyfifteenEstablished a poverty alleviation fund at the Xiangshan County Charity Federation in.two thousand and twenty-twoIn, the group joined hands with the Xiangshan County Charity Federation to continue the establishment of thetenThe "Longyuan Charity and Poverty Alleviation" naming fund in actively participated in the economic and social construction of our hometown. The group has also won the "Top 10 Most Caring Donation Enterprises" and the "Ningbo Charity Award" Donation Enterprise Award in the 6th Ningbo City.

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