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              The first project partner meeting of Longyuan Group's construction general contracting business has come to a successful conclusion

              Time : 2023-04-04

              threemonththree0On the th, Longyuan Group held its first project partner meeting for the general contracting business of the construction sector, which was held across the countryeightyMore than ten project partners gathered together, with Lai Chaohui, Chairman and President of Longyuan Group, and relevant leaders from the group headquarters attending the meeting to seek new development and jointly showcase a new future.

              Lai Chaohui gave a question at the meeting:The speech on "Co construction Platform Symbiosis and Prosperity" introduced the development layout of the group's three major business sectors, namely general contracting, infrastructure investment, and green building, as well as the transformation and upgrading of the project partner system, to all project partners.

              Lai Chaohui emphasized that Longyuan has always been thinking and exploring how to better serve the project department. The launch of the project partner system is not only a change in the group's business philosophy, but also an innovation in the group's platform based operation and cooperation mode, from project manager to project partner. The group will establishThe "Partner Club" allows project partners to more fully participate in the process of company institutional change and management optimization. We look forward to the project partners expanding their business through the three major business platforms of the group, achieving common development, coexistence, and prosperity.

              Section leader Wang Dehua shared202threeThe annual work plan states that the sectors will strengthen collaboration, accumulate momentum and empower, and achieve coexistence and mutual prosperity. Each business line in the sector also shared ideas and plans for future work around cooperation models, institutional reforms, etc.

              Several project partner representatives shared their valuable experience and insights in the construction industry at the meeting. Through communication and sharing, everyone deeply explored the future trends and development directions of the construction industry, and put forward many forward-looking ideas and suggestions.

              The group also commended project partners for their outstanding performance in recent years. Vice Chairman of the Construction Sector, Lai Yeyun, read out the commendation document, and Zhou Ning, Lai Fujun, Lu Guoding, Shi Jiuwu, Zhu Ruxing, Lai Yaping, Sun Fanglin, Lai Wenhao, Gui Jinxian, and Hu Youtian were rated asFirst Outstanding Project Partner. Lai Chaohui gave them an award.

              This meeting is an important milestone in the development process of the building board general contracting sector. It not only provides representatives of project partners with a clearer understanding and reflection on the future development direction of the enterprise, but also provides them with a platform for communication, interaction, and learning. Longyuan Group will upholdThe concept of "benefiting others and serving oneself wholeheartedly", together with all project partners, we will seize the opportunity and move forward in pursuit of excellence, and work together to create a new development pattern for the construction general contracting sector.

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