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              Corporate Vision

              Beautiful city builder
              Happy life operator

              Our Mission

              Building A City Dream Together

              Corporate Values


              Business Philosophy

              Take the road of quality and development, continuously improve the quality of engineering and service, and strive to create a boutique project

              Corporate Slogan

              Create famous brands, produce quality products, grasp management, and first-class

              Employee Creed

              Be a man first, then do things,be honest

              Quality Policy

              First-class management, Quality quality, Service credibility

              Service Philosophy

              Quality is our most fundamental commitment to users; based on honesty, providing users with advanced value-added services is our unremitting pursuit.

              Management Features

              For more than 20 years, the company has been in Shanghai for more than 20 years, and has always maintained a leading position in various comprehensive evaluations in Shanghai. This is inseparable from the company's insistence on corporate culture construction and breakfast meeting system.

              Advocated by Chairman Lai Zhenyuan, the company’s senior leadership breakfast meeting has been held for more than ten years at 7:30 every morning. Although he has been at the age of seventy, but for decades, he has always taken the lead in attending the breakfast meeting. At the daily breakfast meeting, he listened to the work report of the deputy general manager of each line, summarized the work of yesterday, and arranged the deployment of today's work. After the breakfast meeting, various departments held a department meeting to convey the spirit and work arrangement of the breakfast meeting, so as to form a strong team spirit and core competitiveness within the company, and the company maintained the fierce market competition. Exuberant fighting power.

              Group Periodicals

              Periodical:2019 [Issue 2]

              Periodical:2019 [Issue 1]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 6]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 5]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 4]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 3]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 2]

              Periodical:2018 [Issue 1]

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