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              Investment Business

              Longyuan Construction Group Corporation Investment Business Introduction

              The Group's investment business is widely distributed, from the industrial perspective to the traditional building sector, infrastructure investment construction and operation sector, construction industrialization and technology sector.

              Traditional building sector: The Group has successively acquired design institutes, steel structure companies, curtain wall companies, water conservancy companies, etc., mainly from the construction of sub-sector qualifications and professional talents to expand and strengthen the traditional building sector. In the future, the Group will continue to pay attention to mergers and acquisitions opportunities in specialized sub-sectors such as roads, bridges and tunnels, and continuously extend and supplement the construction general contracting business.

              Infrastructure investment construction and operation sector: The Group seized the strategic opportunity of national PPP development, established the Longyuan Mingcheng PPP investment and financing platform, acquired the Hangzhou Chengtou construction project management platform, and established other operation platforms, including infrastructure. The Longyuan maintenance of the operation and maintenance of the main industry, the Longyuan Tianzhu, which is mainly engaged in the investment and operation of the industrial park, the Yicheng parking with the regional intelligent parking as the main industry, and the Mingshu data with the PPP data as the main industry. With the development of PPP business, the Group will focus on environmental protection, tourism, culture, sports, education, medical care, establishment or mergers and acquisitions related operating entities, and promote the transformation of the Group's PPP business segment to urban integrated operators.

              Building industrialization and technology sector: With the rising labor costs and higher environmental requirements in the construction industry, the country has begun to promote industrial upgrading of the construction industry. In response to industry trends, the Group will establish a group building industrialization system for the establishment of the building's structural system, containment system, decoration system or mergers and acquisitions related companies.

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